💜 P is for Purple 💜

I don’t know about you but as long as I can remember I have been absolutely obsessed with the colour purple! My wedding was purple, my home has a touch of purple in every room, and now my business logo and theme is various shades of purple!

Do you have a favourite colour or theme that resonates with you?

Purple is my safe colour, when I’m trying out a new pigments or techniques I always stick to purple shades. Most times (unfortunately not always) I absolutely love the results if I’m using purple compared to other colours.

Purple is definitely my comfort zone. Do you have a colour comfort zone or when out shopping does one particular colour always draw you in and grab your attention? When shopping for a friend or family member do they have a favourite colour, therefore that helps you with your purchase that you know they will absolutely love?

Jantina - art|jewellery|wood, is here to help! if purple is your thing, other than being the colour of our logo, we have earrings (studs, drops, dangles and more), bracelets, necklaces and pendants, coasters, trinket bowls, keyrings and gift cards, just to name a few! Check out for all your purple needs (or any other colour you can think of) and your next gift for yourself or someone special will be sorted! If you don't find the colour you are after, no worries, we will organise a custom order for you!

Happy Browsing and enjoy your favourite colour!!💜

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