Halloween - Yes, No, Maybe

Are you crazy for Halloween? For all of the scary, creepy, haunting, terrifying fun that the 31st of October has to offer? Are you just looking for a tiny piece of the puzzle to add to your Halloween collection? Are you bold and all in, happy to just have a little fun, or is Halloween just not your thing?

All of the above are completely fine and it doesn't matter which category you fit into, as Jantina-art|jewellery|wood has something for you!

If you are either totally down and in love with the big statement pieces to add to your collection or to spruce up your Halloween out fit then you have come to the right place. If you would just like a little something to add to your collection, maybe just a cute pair of stud spider earrings that can be worn at other times of the year too, then this is also for you! If Halloween just isn't your thing, then that's ok, we can still have a little fun, or maybe you could gift your Halloween crazy friend a little something that they didn't know they needed!

YES - HALLOWEEN IS FOR ME! - I love spiders, ghosts, bats, scary pumpkins and skeletons!

If this is you then you have come to the right place. Jantina - art|jewellery|wood has extra large statement necklaces, including a range of scary pumpkins, ghosts and bats.

If you are looking for something a little less crazy, then the skull and cross bone necklaces may just be for you, or our range of Halloween drop earrings could be perfect! All of these can easily be added to your you Trick-or-treat outfit!

HALLOWEEN IS OK, but I'm just looking for something a little less bold, even cute maybe!

Then Jantina is the place for you! We have a new range of cute little stud earrings, from spider web hearts, to cute little smiling ghosts to tiny little bats, to a witches cauldron!

If studs aren't your thing, then the dangles might be perfect for you! Ghosts, spiders, pumpkins and more, all waiting to spook up your Halloween outfit or just to add a touch of the fun to the spooky season!

NOPE, HALLOWEEN IS NOT FOR ME! - Being frightened, terrified, horrified or scared is not my thing! Then thats ok! Jantina - art|jewellery|wood has a little something for you too! If none of the above appeals to you, then we have a huge range of jewellery that comes in the Halloween colours. White, Black and orange or even mustard might be just right! These colours are certainly in fashion right now and can add a little shimmer, shine and sparkle to any outfit! Don't forget you can always gift your Halloween obsessed friend a little something from our Halloween range to make their day!

Halloween creates fun with a chance to dress up, accessorize, and yes even indulge in a few cheeky sweet treats. You can choose exactly how far you would like to be involved in the spooky season. Find your Halloween accessories and gifts this year at or just add a cute little something to your growing jewellery collection.

Have a look at to shop our range now!

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